Eat like a 13 year old

Those who follow my blog know that I love cooking. I love the words “from scratch” and “homemade” about as much as anyone can. I grew up eating a lot of boxed and prepared foods. One of my favorites was sloppy joes. I decided I wanted to recreate this but avoid the canned sauce which has an unhealthy amount of sodium. Thus Discheveled Josephs was born. In seven weeks of quarantine, I have made my own sourdough starter, baked at least 6 kinds of bread, filled my freezer with chicken, beef and vegetable broth, and made countless breakfast and dinner dishes. Yep, I love cooking, and I love food.

But sometimes, you just want junk. I have had a box of frozen taquitos in my deep freeze since about two weeks before we went into our state’s Stay at Home order. I’ve moved them at least three times in rearranging the freezer to make room for my various broth concoctions and then the huge order of meat. I was slated to make shrimp scampi last night for dinner for the husband and I. I decided I really did not feel like deveining said shrimp, so we would just subside on leftovers, something we always have an abundance of these days.

Then…I remembered the taquitos. Preheat oven. Pour taquitos from box onto baking sheet. Bake. Fill ramekin with sour cream. Eat. So simple. So delicious. Yes, we did eat the entire box. Were they some awesome cooking feat that I should post on Instagram? No. Were they healthy? No. Would I encourage my kids to live on a diet of these? No. Were they delicious? Yes! Is it okay to enjoy a bit of completely unhealthy but tasty fair? Yes.

Of course, as much as I enjoyed my stoner/teenage binge food (can we really call it food???), I immediately started thinking about how I could make homemade taquitos.

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