Sourdough Starter

When you are completely anti-food waste, sourdough starter might not be the best pet to take on. The breads are excellent, but there is a catch. It grows. And unless you have some pretty substantial storage space and containers, you quickly run into a space problem. This is why all of the recipes you find online will tell you to discard 2/3 each time you feed it. But when you’re paying three dollars a pound for flour, that just seems insane. Also, how wasteful anyway?

So, I googled sourdough discard recipes. Most of the recipes I have found so far basically just tell you to bake various forms of bread. I could make some biscuits or English muffins or pancakes. But really, how much bread can we actually consume? Freshmade breads without all of those lovely life extending preservatives are really only good for a few days. After that, you’re pretty much looking at turning them into bread pudding or croutons. Hmm. I may make a bread pudding now that I think about it.

But I did find an excellent recipe for olive oil and herb crackers. I actually found a few, but the one I decided to make was from a blog called Love and Olive Oil, because she started with my same sentiment about throwing away money on discard. I did not use a pasta roller. I have a French rolling pin I just bought, so I did it by hand. My first batch were okay, but some were too thick and so didn’t crisp up as much. I retried it a second time and the crackers are excellent.

For my next trick, I have decided to make sourdough flour tortillas….

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