Online Grocery Shopping is not the Same

I miss grocery shopping. I miss wandering up and down every aisle and looking for what’s on sale. I miss perusing the meat department to see what the specials are and picking that perfect roast, chop or steak. I miss feeling the fruit and vegetables for ripeness and picking out just the right size pieces for my dishes. I know some people see grocery shopping as a chore, but I love it.

My husband and I would go together, usually on Sunday. Ya, I know, we are a weird couple, but we enjoy this. We would typicaly go to 3 different stores. Sometimes there would be a fourth. Our most common trips were to Trader Joe’s, Aldi and our local grocer, Harvest Time. We’d occassionally throw in Fresh Farms, Valli Produce, or Jewel for specific needs. Admittedly, sometimes the plan included a fourth store, and we just got exhausted and decided to skip one after 3-4 hours of driving around and shopping, but it was still something we liked to do together.

I also miss the specialty shops. I love going into Gene‘s Sausage with no idea what I am going to get and seeing what meats are on special and what looks good. I miss walking down Lincoln Avenue snacking on a smoked sausage I just couldn’t resist. I miss Augusta Food & Wine for the same reason. I never knew what I would find in the cheese case, but it was always something fantastic. And my dear, dear Savory Spice. I miss the friendly faces, the conversations about differences in spices, the education they provide when I have no idea what a particular spice is except that my recipe calls for it. Oh, and the little recipe cards they have available throughout the store.

I’m lucky in that I live in the city and have ready access to grocery delivery services. And my local grocer, Harvest Time, offers online ordering with curbside pick up. I can pretty much get whatever food I want without having to take the risk of going into the stores. With the current situation, I am very grateful for this advantage. I found the answer to “why would I ever want to do my grocery shopping online?” And I will continue to shop this way until it is determined that it is safe to go back to my normal shopping routines…or probably for a while after that. Let’s face it, I’m not sure my fears are going to magically go away just because the officials decide to “reopen” things. And I appease myself by spending way too much time online shopping. But I miss grocery shopping in person.

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