Put an egg on it?

When I first moved to Chicago, I was perplexed by the eating habits I observed. I am from the South, so trust me, I know southern eating habits are weird at times. But everywhere we went, there was an option to put an egg on your food. I had never heard of putting an egg on a burger, and here it’s hard to find a menu that doesn’t offer it at least as an option. The first time we went out for burgers and the server asked if I wanted an egg on it, I had to ask her to repeat herself.

I resisted this concept for a decade. I just thought it was crazy. I had only ever experienced eggs on a sandwich in the McDonald’s-breakfast-sandwich style, and those are just gross. I order my ham and cheese croissant from Dunkin’ without the egg. Finally, my favorite neighborhood bar and grill, Rockwell’s, got me to take the plunge. They do a weekly burger special, and they had a special that sounded delicious and yes, it came with an egg on it. In one bite, my world was altered forever!

Now, I am not like my husband, who I’m pretty sure would put an egg on anything. He loves a pizza offered at our neighborhood restaurant, Pizza Art, that comes with an egg on top. But then again, I recently started making a breakfast galette and yep, there are eggs baked on top, so I guess that isn’t very different than a pizza.

My most recent discoveries prove that I am very late to the party, but putting an egg on top of hash is amazing. Who the hell even knew I’d like hash, let alone love that oozing yellow yolk in it? And we all know the ramen craze. Can you even eat the ramen if you don’t have an egg to put on it? I don’t think so.

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