Smoked Pork Three Ways

So last Sunday I dragged myself out of bed at 7am, cleaned my grill and set up it up to smoke. I had brined an approximately 6lb pork shoulder in salt water. I took it out of the fridge and let it rest on the counter to come to room temperature while I prepped my grill. I use charcoal because, well, I like flavor. I used hickory wood chunks because that is what I had. Once my coals were lit and my “smoker” set up, I seasoned my pork with pepper and z’atar seasoning I had made up in my cabinet. I smoked the pork for 13 hours! This was a huge accomplishment for me as I usually get impatient and pull it off when it’s sliceable, but I was determined to get it to pullable this time.

We had a wonderful, though late, dinner of smoked pulled pork and red potatoes with green beans. I gave a pound of it to my neighbors, had a smoked pork sandwhich for lunch during the week, ate left-over pork and potatoes and green beans during the week. But I still had more pork by the weekend and I hate food waste. It was time to decide to do something new with it or freeze it as I was getting bored with just pulled pork. Yes, that can happen even when you love pork.

So first, I made pork fried rice, Filipino style. Okay, I don’t know if it is truly Filipino style. I doubt that lovely Filipino lady who used to make me pork fried rice and lumpia ever would have considered making it in an instant pot. But it worked. I used the saute function to scramble some eggs and put those aside. Then I sauteed garlic, onion and basmati rice until lightly browned. I added chicken broth and chopped up pork and set it to high pressure cook for 4 minutes. I let it naturally release for 20 minutes and then stirred in my eggs. It was delicious!

The next day, I decided to make a smoked pork and potato hash. I figured if you can do hash with ham or corned beef, you can surely do it with smoked pork and I had red potatoes that were nearing the end of their shelf life. I diced up my potatoes into about 1 inch cubes. I tossed these into my skillet first to allow them to cook in a little olive oil so they would start to crisp. I added sliced onions, minced garlic and diced red bell pepper. I seasoned with a little salt and pepper as the meat already had a lot of seasoning. I added 2 tbsp of dried chives. I waited until my potatoes were almost ready, but still kind of toothy and I added my pulled pork, chopped into smaller bits. I put the lid on at this point to trap the heat so I could make sure my potatoes got to the desired doneness. While that was finishing off, I fried up a couple of eggs to serve on top. It was so good!

We have enough pork left for one more meal. I’ll decide tomorrow if I am going to make more pork fried rice or freeze it to use later because no way I am letting that pork go to waste!

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