Brunch is by far the easiest meal to accommodate all the crazy food preferences of my little brood. You can serve anything at brunch! And it’s brunch. So, by its very nature, it’s meant to have a buffet-like spread of different foods.

So, for the vegan, we have some kind of tofu dish. Frequently, it is just scrambled tofu. With the right variety of spices, this is much-loved. Add some mushrooms, either smoked or sautéed, some garlic, and some olive oil. Mushroom hand pies are also a big hit. Who doesn’t love pie crust stuffed with anything? Roasted potatoes are a hit with everyone, so throw them in with some olive oil, salt, garlic, and onion, and your little vegan will devour them. Obviously, pick your vegetable and roast, saute or steam it. Do take note that you have to forgo the Southerner. (I keep forgetting that butter is not vegan.) Adding butter pretty much makes the vegan hate you.

For the vegetarians, it gets even easier because eggs become an option. You can make all varieties of quiche or frittata with your pick of veggies, mushrooms and cheeses. Just make sure you sweat those mushrooms first, or your lovely egg pie gets a very funky texture. I made that mistake, and our little one took some convincing that she should give quiche another try.

Also, it’s important with quiche or frittata to get a good balance. I made a brocoli fritata, which was basically 3/4 brocoli with some egg to hold it together. This was not a success. Try to keep the egg the star. I promise, everyone except the vegan loves the egg.

And of course, for a sweet, you must have the french toast casserole on the table. But be warned. Once you serve this on a special occasion, it’s kind of expected at every special occasion. Jen’s French Toast Casserole

And don’t going to forget the meat lovers. You have so many options. I’ve served smoked chicken or turkey. This makes for a great salad later if you have leftovers. You can also go with the classic breakfast meats like bacon, sausage, and ham. Some people even serve steak and eggs, though weirdly, I am not a fan of the combo. Quiche work for the meat eaters too. Ham and cheese quiche is of course an easy option. Fajita quiche is also delicious. I have a ham, cheese, egg and green chili hashbrown casserole recipe that is incredible.

Hashbrowns, homefries, and basically any form of potato is good for all of the above. Just remember to have options for those that love a little (or lot of) butter or cheese, as well as for those that prefer you leave the animal products out.

Also, fruit. Fruit in any form is a huge success. And it’s so little work. Although if you want to go the extra mile, a triple berry cobbler is a good option. Or, you can add some orange-brandy cranberry sauce, which pairs well with chicken or turkey, but also makes an excellent topping for the french toast casserole.

And don’t forget the mimosas! Let’s face it, if you are going to get three daughters, boyfriends or girlfriends, sometimes blended family members and such together, you should definitely not only attend to the food needs. Have some mimosas, screw drivers, and even beer available. The juices also double duty for those that prefer non-alcoholic beverages.

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